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Gopher Plush

Gopher Plush

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A cute little Gopher plush.

Made by really nice quality PP cotton and polyester.

What you will get in the poly/opp bag package is:

  • The Gopher Plush itself. ( 29x21x12cm / 11.41x8.27x4.72in ) ( 0.165kg / 0.364punds )
You will also have access to the bonuses I create. This is my way of showing appreciation for your support. You can access them through this link:

Shipping cost is not included in above price. It will be shown later as it depends on where you are and what shipping method you want. Normal shipping time should be 7-10 working days. The quicker UPS/DHL type of shipping is about 2-7 working days, although it costs more. Tracking info will be provided. And also, it's currently setup to work with up to 12 Gophers! Let me know if you want more. It will be shipped from China.

Note: It includes pellets in the bottom to make it stand up better. Meaning this is for ages above 14 years old!

It is a variation based on the Go mascot designed by Renee French which is licensed under CC BY 3.0.

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