Cute Gophers

Soft Plush Gophers looking for new friends

Gophers (with pocket) on Vacation

Gopher (with pocket) in Grass


Additionally, I'm working on things made in Go that will be included for free to those that buy the plush. More about this will come with time as I develop them.


So far, I've made a small little QuadTree demo, which everyone buying will get.

How to Get the Bonuses

You can get the bonuses from here:

It is not much of a looker yet, but at least it's now available and should work. I will add SSL and update the look of it with time.

Do note though that I have added encryption of the form data. So, when you send the data, it will be encrypted locally first before send over Internet. I'm using public/private keys for this, essentially how SSL would have worked. This is a temporary solution until SSL is in place. Although, I might keep this even then.

Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if there are issues.


I did this Gopher plush because, well, besides it being a fun thing to do, ever since I discovered Go, I wanted to do something that enabled me to work more with Go. And, by selling this, it enables me to do more cool things in Go! I can certainly imagine that some things I do will be given for free to those that supported me by buying this plush!

Google (Rob Pike, Renee French and Andrew) knows about this plush. I think it ended up quite nice and "in the same spirit" as the original.

I will also add more photos here when I have them.

Who am I?

I'm a Swedish entrepreneur, with Computer Science as a background. I discovered Go a few years back when I was traveling the world, and just fell in love with it. I love to travel and meet new people.

I've always wanted to expand and develop my entrepreneurial skills and doing this plush is one of the ways of doing that. I've actually spend quite some time and money on it already. But that is part of being entrepreneurial. Taking risks. For me it was also about making sure the quality is there.

I'm also very much about customer service. As long as people contact me about issues or have questions so I can address it, I will do all I can to help out and make you satisfied. The way I see it, it's a win-win situation that way.

I rather be honest about flaws, than lie about it. That way, there are no surprises for anyone, which would bit me back several times over if I tried to hide it in the first place. For this Gopher plush for example, I've received several samples, that are very nicely made. If someone gets one that isn't as it should be, please do notify me! As then we can work together and resolve it and I can investigate further.

You can always contact me on Facebook, Twitter or over email: