Gopher Plush

Gopher Plush

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A cute little Gopher plush.

Made by really nice quality PP cotton and polyester.

What you will get in the poly/opp bag package is:

  • The Gopher Plush itself. ( 29x21x12cm / 11.41x8.27x4.72in ) ( 0.165kg / 0.364punds )
You will also have access to the bonuses I create. This is my way of showing appreciation for your support. You can access them through this link:

Shipping cost is not included in above price. It will be shown later as it depends on where you are and what shipping method you want. Normal shipping time should be 7-10 working days. The quicker UPS/DHL type of shipping is about 2-7 working days, although it costs more. Tracking info will be provided. And also, it's currently setup to work with up to 12 Gophers! Let me know if you want more. It will be shipped from China.

Note: It includes pellets in the bottom to make it stand up better. Meaning this is for ages above 14 years old!

It is a variation based on the Go mascot designed by Renee French which is licensed under CC BY 3.0.


Ask a Question
  • Can you ship to the South Korea?📦

    Yes, shipping to South Korea should be possible. Send me an email if it isn't.

  • Hi can you ship to Nepal?

    Shipping to Nepal should be possible. Let me know if it isn't during the checkout process.

  • Hi, cute toy. I am in Germany. How long does it take for the Europe standard shipping? Thank you!


    It should arrive within 2 weeks with normal shipping.

  • Can you ship to the US? 🤔

    Yes, and US currently even have a nice special line shipping option that is suppose to be quite quick delivery too.

  • Can you ship this plush to Brazil ?

    Yes, shipping to Brazil should work.

  • Can you ship to Pakistan?

    It should be possible. If not during checkout let me know.

  • Can you ship to Vietnam?

    Hi, yes. Shipping to Vietnam should be possible. Let me know if you can't during checkout.

  • When will the blue Gopher plus be back in stock? I desperately need to GO get one

    Hi, right now it looks like late March. I might have some I can restock that I reserved for a bigger order.

  • Hello there! Is there a possibility to ship those to Poland?

    Yes, I ship to Poland too.


  • Hola! Cómo puedo comprar desde méxico? Puedo hacer depósito en pesos?


    I support sending to Mexico, but not really accepting in pesos. However, whatever payment you use might translate to USD for you.


  • Can you ship this plush to China? nice toys😉

    These are currently stored in China so yes. This means shipping should be rather quick too.


  • Hi Can you ship to mexico ?


    Yes, I do ship to Mexico, although now in corona times it might be a bit slower. Let me know if you have issues with the shipment though.


  • can it deliver to Indonesia?

    Yes, I can ship to Indonesia!

  • What about other colors?


    Only blue and pink at the moment, but what colors would you like to see then?


  • Will the pink gopher be back in stock any time soon?


    I'm working on getting a new batch going and might just enable pre-orders at a lower rate for the pink version. Unfortunetly, I will not be able to ship it out until next year as production takes a while.


  • Do you deliver it internationally or have any partners on Brazil?

    This is delivered internationally yes, including Brazil. No partners in Brazil yet.


  • Do you have already an updated ETA for the Gopher Plush?


    The new Gopher Plush is ready. I send a small batch of the Gophers in advance this week to the warehouse, so I would be able to fulfill most of the preorders. Most of the preorders should have recieved their tracking info already too. Since it's weekend and a Chinese public holiday is on Monday, they might not be send until Tuesday. I apologize for that delay there. I also wanted to include a nice "Thank you" note, but this hasn't been ready, so I will send it later. I wanted to include this with the package, but I didn't want to wait to send the Gophers so package will not include this "Thank you" note.

    This means that the larger stock will arrive next week (week 39) and all preorders not fulfilled will be fulfilled. When this larger stock arrives, I will also increase the price a bit. The preorder price has been a special one for those that didn't mind the wait and it's also as a thank you from my side because you supported me early on with this new version. New price will still be very good though. :)

    Anyway, so yeah, most preorders has the package in motion. And all preorders should be send out next week latest.

    Let me know if there are delays with shipment or anything else you want to know or bring up.


  • When will the blue plush be back in stock? Thanks!

    Should be back in stock next week!

  • Can you ship to Hungary?

    Yes. Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • When the blue mascots will be available again?

    Another batch is in production, so in 2 weeks time about. I have some reserved, so I might be able to open up a few before then, but back in stock for real would be in about 2 weeks from now.

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