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Gopher Pillow

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Since I'm not sure what the interest in this Gopher Pillow is, I thought I try running a crowdfunding campaign for this since there is a minimum amount of 1000 that has to be produced.

Paypal has 29 days authorization period. This means you won't be charged anything unless the campaign is successful. When you place the order, it will just check the balance and see so everything is good to go. If anyone is charged, using Skrill for example, I will of course refund if the campaign isn't successful.

I prefer doing it like this, because then I don't have to pay extra for refunding too in case this doesn't reach it's goal. Depending on how close the goal we are, I might go for it anyway. If I just reach like $1000 I know there isn't enough interest in this, and it won't be made unfortunately.

The Gopher pillow is about 35x34x15cm / 13.78x13.39x6 inches. Made out of cotton and nice and soft velboa textile, just like the Gopher Plush. As an additional little extra feature, the backside works as a "hand warmer", as there is opening for your hands there.

Gopher Pillow:

  • Size: 35x34x15cm / 13.78x13.39x6 inches
  • Surface material: Super soft Velboa. 
  • Stuffing material: PP cotton only
  • 1 pillow weight: 396g/13.97 ounces

I've set up 3 different variants of this. Let me know if you would like more options.

  • Blue (1 pillow)
  • Pink (1 pillow)
  • Blue & Pink (1 blue and 1 pink pillow at a discount)

NOTE: Shipping is included in the price for the Gopher Pillow during this campaign, so you get it at a nice discounted price!

It takes about a month for production, so if this does well early, I can start production before the campaign is over so you have it as soon as possible!

I would certainly do my best to get as many as possible send out so you can have it for Christmas too. No promises here though. It all really depends on how this goes.


It is a variation based on the Go mascot designed by Renee French which is licensed under CC BY 3.0.


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